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2017-08-15 14:08

Have You Completed the NBA 2K17 MyTeam Golden State Warriors Collection?

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NBA 2K17 MyTeam features various collections of cards. Six current collection categories and six historic collection categories allow players to expand their card selection. The Golden State Warriors current collection can be found among the Pacific category. Sacramento Kings, Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Clippers, and Los Angeles Lakers are the other teams in the Pacific category. 

Golden State Warriors collection has 14 players, 73 OVR, 60 outside scoring, 60 inside scoring, 57 playmaking, 69 athleticism, 63 defending, and 56 rebounding. The best card in this NBA 2K17 collection is Stephen Curry. The card has 85 OVR and its best stats are outside scoring, playmaking, and athleticism. The values for these stats are 86, 84, and 82. Its weakest stat is 47 rebounding. Curry's position is point guard. The collection features two 83 OVR cards. These are Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant. Thompson's position is shooting guard and his stats are 83 out, 61 in and playmaking, 76 athleticism, 74 defending, and 39 rebounding. Durant plays as a small forward with the following stats 82 out, 70 in, 66 playmaking, 76 athleticism, 63 defending, and 51 rebounding. There's one more card with an OVR higher than 80, Draymond Green. This power forward card has 82 OVR and its best stats are athleticism and defending. 

Four players with OVR between 76 and 72 are part of this NBA 2K17 MyTeam collection. Andre Iguodala has 76 OVR and plays as a small forward. Zaza Pachulia plays as a center position, has 73 OVR, and his best stat is rebounding. Shaun Livingston and David West are 72 OVR cards. Livingston plays as a point guard while West is a power forward. The remaining six cards range from 69 OVR to 65 OVR. Ian Clark is a shooting guard with 69 OVR. Anderson Varejao also has 69 OVR but his position is center. Patrick McCaw is a 67 OVR shooting guard with athleticism as best stat. Damian Jones is an OVR 67 center with rebounding as best attribute. Kevon Looney has 67 OVR and plays as a point forward. James Michael McAdoo has 65 OVR with athleticism and rebounding as his best stats. 

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