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2017-08-21 16:27

What to Do if You Are Affected by the Reputation Reset in NBA 2K17

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The reputation reset in NBA 2K17 affected a rather large number of players. This occurred to those who were playing MyPark mode. A lot of players saw their reputation demoted to the initial level and they were not happy about this. Some may not know this but reputation reset is part of the game mechanics. At a certain point, players will lose their reputation. This happens if they decide to change their affiliation. In MyPark mode, there are multiple affiliations and each one has associated reputation. If players decide to choose another affiliation, they will notice that their reputation level has been demoted to Rookie 1. If the reputation reset is caused by an affiliation change, then there is nothing that can be done about it. Players need to earn reputation again and keep in mind that it will be again reset when they change affiliation. This is how NBA 2K17 works. Developers implemented this mechanic to emphasize the connection between the player and their favorite park. The reputation reset doesn't happen without a warning. When players are about to select another park, they will get a message. This notification is shown on the bottom left side of the screen. Players are being announced that their reputation and all the level rewards will be reset if they proceed with the change. If players wish to change it anyway, they must confirm this. 

There is another scenario in which players lose reputation but this has nothing to do with an affiliation switch. If players didn't change their affiliation, they can perform some basic operations to restore their reputation. There are two things to do. The first one is emptying the device's cache and the second is restarting the game. Players can look up online how to clear the cache depending on which device they are using. This operation is easy to do but it's not 100% guaranteed to restore the lost reputation. 

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