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2017-09-18 14:11

NBA 2K17 – Dunk Tips

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
Dunk animation. This might sound silly but in most cases NBA 2K17 players cannot make a dunk because they have no dunk animation equipped. The good news is that this can be easily and quickly fixed. Players have to open MyCareer main menu and then go to MyPlayer's inventory. The next step is to locate the animations category that should look something like NBA/Pro-Am Animations. The following step consists of locating the NBA Dunks and Layups category. This is where dunk animations are displayed. Players just select the one they like and equip it. The next time they perform the correct dunk key sequence, their character will act accordingly. It should be mentioned that some dunk animations are unlocked with virtual NBA 2K17 MT currency. 

Dunk on PlayStation 4. Players need to hold the R2 button on their PlayStation controller. Next they will have to move the right stick. The player has to move towards the basket and this is done with the left stick. If these moves were correctly performed, the player will go into sprint mode. The shot button and stick will also be modified. This is the square button. As players are going forward towards the basket, they will start the dunk when they move the right stick. It doesn't matter in which direction the stick is moved. They should be careful not to tap it as this will enable the character to dribble. To start a dunk move, the stick has to be held in no particular direction. 

Dunk on Xbox One. The sequence of moves is the same as on PlayStation 4. The only difference is that players will have to press other buttons as each console works with different controllers. The first button that has to be held on Xbox One is the right trigger. The shot button on this console is the X button. Just like on PlayStation 4, players need to move towards the basket to be able to make the dunk. The rest is just like how it is described above. 

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