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2017-10-16 15:31

NBA Live Mobile – Don't Forget to Complete These Sets Before the Reset

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
The NBA Live Mobile reset is approaching fast and, with each passing day, players have less time to get tickets for the next season. Completing sets is always a good idea because each completed set increases the number of tickets obtained from the sets category in the Season Score hub. Completing Summer Courts sets is even a better idea as Summer Courts are one of the 10 categories that give players tickets when completed. These four sets should be completed by all players who want to get some fast tickets and other rewards. All these sets can be completed until October 28th as they expire after that date. 

Summer Courts Elite Player is a repeatable set. Players need to first acquire 10 gold players from this program. The reward for completing this set is a program themed Elite Player Pack. All basketball player cards that are not part of a lineup will be lost when the reset hits. There is no point in hanging on to them anymore. This set provides a good opportunity to get rid of them and get a reward that can be used to acquire some tickets. 

If players are lacking Summer Courts gold players, there is a set that helps them get some of these cards. The Summer Courts Gold Player set is also a repeatable set. Players that might still have some Summertime tokens left, now have the chance to turn them into gold players. Ten collectibles are needed to obtain a gold players pack. When players complete this set, they also have the chance to get an elite players pack. The collectibles are earned from live events and from packs bought from the store. 

Those who have completed these two sets enough times to get lots of gold and elite players, should consider completing the Summer Courts Master set to get one 99 OVR player. The player that is obtained is Allen Iverson. It takes 25 gold and 25 elite players to obtain the Iverson card. 

Summer Cred can be obtained when players complete the Get Your Cred Up set. They will obtain 5,000 Cred in exchange for 10 Summer Cred tokens. At last, if you want to build a better team with good players, cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins will be needed. is the best site where you could get the cheapest price and fastest delivery. Enjoy reliable service now.