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2017-12-04 15:06

NBA 2K18 - Are you familiar with these MyLeague/MyGM features?

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
NBA 2K18 has numerous modes that give players the chance to experience various sides of the NBA experience. One of the most popular modes is MyLeague/MyGM. This mode allows players to be in charge of more than just one player, they get to run teams and even their own league. Being a realistic basketball simulation, NBA 2K18 implements all sorts of features from the real NBA. Some of them are G-League integration, two-way contracts, and free agent moratorium. 

G-League was already in older game versions but it had another name. Players might know it as D-League. This feature allows managers to train their novice basketball players. Users are not directly in control of their players during G-League matches. These take place automatically and they're a great chance for new basketball players to get some training and experience. Managers can use G-League also for scouting and to determine how players will evolve. 

Two-way contracts work hand in hand with the above feature. Basketball players that have signed a two-way contract are allowed to be with the NBA team for 45 days while the G-League season is active. When these 45 days expire, the player will stay in the G-League until the season is over. The alternative is to transform it into a minimum contract and the player can then stay with the NBA team. This provides a good opportunity to select promising players which you could get with NBA 2K18 MT and to have rising stars for the team. 

The free agent moratorium is another feature that is available in NBA 2K18 MyLeague/MyGM mode. This is a period of time that usually lasts for about a week during which free agent players make deals with teams. After the moratorium, the players and the teams are free to sign the deal. This period of time lasts for three days in-game. During these three days, managers will talk to players and when the free agency starts they can sign the contract. Other features such as analytic tool and the international draft prospect stashing are other systems that give authenticity to the game.