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2018-01-03 12:54

NBA 2K18 – How Often Do You Use These Features?

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
The NBA 2K18 mode that puts players in charge of multiple basketball aspects, is one of the most complex ways to play the game. The MyGM and MyLeague modes feature several systems that allow players to customize and to take care of their teams and league to the smallest detail. NBA 2K franchise won a loyal player base over the years thanks to its realistic features. Controlling players on the court is not easy and being at the helm of a league is certainly no walk in the park. The game is as challenging as it's fun. Here are three features that make MyGM and MyLeague a unique experience.

One feature that is in the game since 2015 is the editing team tool. Players use it to customize teams. This also includes uniform design. Giving the community the possibility to make designs turned out to be a great decision as talented players came up with amazing creations. Starting with NBA 2K18 MT, players have the option to create an alternate uniform for the teams that the player created or re-branded. Players can also use their Home or Away designs. This feature was intensively requested by the community. Another customization feature that made its way into the 2017 game edition is arena re-branding. From now on, it is way easier for users to change the floor of their current arena. In previous versions of the game, players had to create a new arena if they wished to change the floor. Another customization feature gives players control over the location of the All-Star games. The game system that selects the city where that game will be played takes into consideration city reputation, history, times the event was hosted there in the past, and local team. The location is decided in the off-season. If players wish to host the game somewhere else, they can do so. They can also customize their arena of choice with an All-Star floor. All these customization features allow players to make MyGM and MyLeague a personalized journey.