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2018-01-26 09:51

Don't Forget to Complete the New Specialists Sets NBA Live Mobile

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
The first category of Specialists sets is called Specialist Players. There are four sets in this category. The first one, Silver Specialist Token, gives players one Silver Specialist token when they turn in 50 Specialist Badges. This set also has a chance to drop a Specialist player card. The Gold Specialist Player set has a great reward. Those who complete it will get a Specialist player card of at least gold quality. All five Specialist collectibles are needed for this set. Players first need to acquire the Microwave, Glass Cleaner, Court General, High Flyer, and Lock Down Defender tokens. Another set from the Specialist Players category rewards an 80+ OVR Player. This set is called 80+ Elite Specialist Player. To complete this set, users will need 15 Specialist gold players, it's time to get them with NBA Live Mobile Coins in market. The next set, 83+ Elite Specialist Players, is similar to the previous set but it has a better reward. One elite Specialist player card is obtained in exchange for two Specialist elite players with OVR between 80 and 82. 

The Specialists Heroes category has two sets. Specialist Hero Jason Williams set awards one 88 OVR player and a Specialist Hero token. The items needed for the set are three Specialist elite players with 83+ OVR. The second set, Specialist Hero Jamal Crawford, is similar to the second set. The difference is in the player obtained as a reward. The Specialist Masters category offers two sets as well. Specialist Master Chris Bosh offers the 93 OVR Unicorn Chris Bosh card for five Specialist Hero badges. The Chris Bosh card can be used for a center position. It has +3 TPT to team and +3 agility to team as abilities and bench boosts. All of his primary stats are above 82 with 91 outside shooting as his best stat. The second set, Specialist Master Kristaps Porzingis, has 93 OVR Unicorn Kristaps Porzingis as a reward. The requirements are the same. This card has point forward position, the same abilities and bench boosts as the Bosh card and well-rounded primary stats.