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2018-02-23 00:44

NBA 2K18 – Boost Your Game With Intensity Players

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
NBA 2K18 MyTeam is all about various ways to build a team. Collections help players achieve this by giving them lots of different cards. Each collection (or set) has a different theme. Intensity is a collection that includes players who are just as mentally strong as they are physically fit. Training is crucial but stepping on the court with the right mindset is also important. A rallying attitude will improve an athlete's performance and also the abilities of his team members. These are the basketball players that are found in Intensity MyTeam packs. 

Jay Williams, Jason Maxiell, and Kevin Martin are sapphire players. Jay Williams comes to this collection to represent the Chicago Bulls. This card is a good budget point guard who has dunking as one of its best attributes. From Minnesota Timberwolves we have Kevin Martin. This card represents the first NBA 2K18 entry for Martin who is a good offensive player. Jason Maxiell from Detroit Pistons has dunking and blocking as some of his best stats. Amethyst players are also up for grabs. Bob McAdoo is a good power forward with scoring and rebounding as best stats. David Robinson is another player who excels at these activities. Shawn Marion has good defense. Bobby Jones makes a great choice if players are looking for more offense. There are also three ruby players that are waiting to be collected. Vin Baker has good scoring and rebounding. Jeff Hornacek from Philadelphia 76ers is a defensive player with great shooting and scoring. Brook Lopez is representing the Brooklyn Nets in this collection. He is a good offensive card for starting MyTeam players. 

Three diamond cards can be acquired as well. Peja Stojakovic from the Sacramento Kings has good shooting. Dwayne Wade is depicted as being part of the Miami Heat. The team won three championships with Wade on board. Paul George is the prize obtained when acquiring all cards from this set. He is a versatile player that makes a fantastic duo with Paul George. Now it's time to prepare enough NBA 2K18 MT for all these great players!