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2018-03-21 13:06

NBA 2K18 – How the NBA 2K League Selection Works

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NBA 2K18 players who dream of becoming professionals have had a busy year so far. When the NBA 2K League was announced last year, it seemed like a distant dream for many, but now, for some, this dream is close to becoming a reality. The tryouts began on January 1, 2018. Two phases with different requirements were held. The initial requirement was for players to win 50 Pro-AM games. The number of NBA 2K18 players who achieved this first requirement was impressive. There were 72,000 players who qualified for the next stage. The second selection process called combine required qualifiers to play games during which data were extracted and analyzed. Out of 72,000 players who took part in games, 1000 were selected. Here is how the selection worked. 

At first, data were extracted. This was done when players were taking part in NBA 2K18 games. Attributes like scored points, number of dribbling moves, rebound count, and more were recorded. Players could see some of these statistics. The second method was to create a model that evaluated all the data. NBA and NBA 2K18 representatives worked together and came up with an algorithm that took the data into consideration and created a leaderboard. A thousand players were singled out for the next phase. This was the online application. Players were required to fill in an application where they would allow the league to learn more about them. The application included questions about basketball and 2K as well. Two hundred and fifty players were chosen. All of them were notified so they got ready for the last selection process. The next phase was to select the final 102 players who would make it into the draft. Previous data and statistics were once again considered and players were interviewed. Each one of the 17 teams that take part in this season will have six players so that's why 102 players needed to be selected. Teams will be selecting their players through a draft. This is set to begin in early April 2018. Before that, remember to get ready with NBA 2K18 MT Coins. It's coming soon!