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2018-04-23 10:47

NBA 2K18 – KG Teammates Ready to Collect in MyTeam

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As we all know by now, each NBA 2K18 MyTeam set has a certain theme. The Teammates collection is one of the more unusual sets. The KG Teammates set includes players that have been, at one point in their career, colleagues with Kevin Garnett. The 41 years old retired player had a great NBA run. He played professional basketball in the NBA for 21 years, starting with 1995. His first team was Minnesota Timberwolves. In 2007, he joined Boston Celtics with whom he won the NBA Championship in 2008. Starting with 2013, he played for two years with the Brooklyn Nets. The last season of his career was spent with his debut team, Minnesota Timberwolves. He was featured as the cover athlete for NBA 2K9. 

Garnett is the collection reward card for the KG Teammates set. After players complete the collection by acquiring all other cards, they will receive this card that is great for rebounding, assisting, and scoring. The set has six players from Minnesota Timberwolves, three players from Boston Celtics, and two players from Brooklyn Nets. One of the Timberwolves ruby cards is a KG version from his rookie years. This card makes a good option for a starting team, which you could get with NBA 2K18 mt cheap. Karl-Anthony Towns is the best Minnesota Timberwolves card from this collection. This is a diamond card. Sam Cassell, Andrew Wiggins, Wally Szczerbiak, and Trenton Hassell are the other four Timberwolves cards. The first two cards are amethyst and the other two are ruby. Cassell is a good card for scoring. Wiggins has amazing offense. Szczerbiak has three point shooting as one of his best stats. Hassell is a good defensive option. The Celtics cards are Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, and Brian Scalabrine. All these cards will give an edge to any team in the hands of a skilled player. Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez are the two Brooklyn Nets cards. The first card is diamond while the second one is amethyst. These are two of the best cards for offense.