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2018-06-17 13:57

NBA 2K18 - MyTeam Throwback Players and Dynamic Duos

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
The newest cards added to NBA 2K18 MyTeam are from the Throwback Playoff Moments collection. Here are some players that will definitely make a big difference when added to a team. Kobe Bryant is a 39 years old, now retired, NBA player. His career spanned over 20 years. It started in 1996 and ended in 2018. He played for only one team, the Los Angeles Lakers. Bryant's card in this collection is a 98 OVR diamond card that can be used for a shooting guard position. Yao Ming is another card in this set. He is one of the most popular Chinese NBA players. He was also well famous for his impressive height, he measures seven feet six. Ming played in the NBA for eight seasons alongside Houston Rockets. He retired from the NBA in 2011. His current position is president of the Chinese Basketball Association. Ming's card has 97 OVR. John Wall is another card. His OVR is 96 and his position is point guard. Wall started playing in the NBA in 2010 when he was drafted by the Washington Wizards. He is currently with that team. Patrick Ewing is another player from the collection. He started playing in 1985 for the New York Knicks. His last NBA season was in 2001 with Orlando Magic. He represents the Knicks in the collection and has a 98 OVR card with center position. Mike Conley, James Jones, Mario Chalmers, and Clyde Drexler are other Throwback Playoff cards which you could get with NBA 2K18 MT

Players that have certain cards can use dynamic duos. Patrick Ewing from the Throwback Moments collection makes a dynamic duo with Charles Oakley from the Playoff Throwback Moments. This pair boosts Ewing's OVR to 99 from 98. Oakley is a 97 OVR point forward card. John Wall and Bradley Beal are other dynamic duo cards. Both Washington Wizards players receive a +1 boost to their OVR. Another pair to watch out for is Houston Rockets Trevor Ariza and P.J. Tucker. Both will have their OVR bumped up by one when playing on the same team.