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2019-11-19 11:17

NBA 2K20 – Do You Like the Neighborhood Improvements?

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The Neighborhood is a big part of NBA 2K20. Introduced in NBA 2K18, this expansive mode was meant to give players a sense of community. It hit the spot and it became a favorite feature for many. In the Neighborhood, players can interact with each other by taking part in various basketball-themed activities.

This year's mode came with several improvements and additions. The Neighborhood is all about community and interaction. The new features bring players together and make this part of the game come alive. The graphics have been improved. The lighting is better and there are environmental effects as well. Lots of new animations have been added. The Neighborhood will get a new look depending on the season. Players will notice autumn and winter themes. Holiday decorations will make the Neighborhood look more festive. Players will be able to take part in Halloween events and they will also get presents on Christmas.

More 2K compete events are available. Dodge ball rodeo and red ball blue ball extreme are just some of the many 2K compete events. The prize picker allows players to get double rep from these events. Players can use the show-off stick feature to get access to animations. There are a lot of exclusive items that can be collected. Activities like 9 hole disc golf are part of the list too.

If you have played NBA 2K before, you know about the Park. This is where players come to compete against each other. It takes practice if you want to be the best and the only way to become better is to play games. The Park rep feature is making a comeback. This year's rep system has some improvements. You will earn rep that will help you with your game. For example, there are items that are earned from rep that can be used for MyPlayer builts. You will also get custom name plates when you achieve a new rep level.

If you want to play with others, you can take part in challenging 5 versus 5 Pro-Am games. There are also 3 versus 3 matches that are played on a new rooftop court. You will get an amazing view of the Neighborhood and the chance to get some nice prizes. MyPlayer has a new feature called show-off stick that allows him to express the way he feels in lots of new ways. This feature contains animations such as park intros and rep level-ups. Last but not least, the multiplayer gameplay has also been improved.

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