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2020-01-20 16:32

NBA 2K20 Promo Cards

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
NBA 2K20 MyTeam has many collections of cards. There are different ways to obtain the cards. Some are found in packs, some are obtained as rewards, and there are some special cards that are acquired from locker codes.

2K20 Promo is such a collection. At the moment there are 14 cards in this collection. If you want players from this collection, then you need to redeem hidden locker codes. These codes are found in the game but you need to be fast as they might expire. 

Most of the players have 85 OVR. We have Kemba Walker from the Charlotte Hornets with 84 outside scoring, 65 inside scoring, 69 defending, 85 athleticism, 85 playmaking, and 46 rebounding. This player is featured two times in this collection. There is an 80 OVR version of him with lower stats.

Jimmer Fredette is shown at the beginning of his professional career when he was playing for the Sacramento Kings. He has 68 OVR with 74 outside scoring, 59 inside scoring, 47 defending, 65 athleticism, 60 playmaking, and 34 rebounding. Darko Milicic from the Detroit Pistons has 69 OVR with 46 outside scoring, 64 inside scoring, 61 defending, 61 athleticism, 35 playmaking, and 71 rebounding. Anthony Davis from the New Orleans Pelicans has 85 OVR and the following stats: 70 outside scoring, 81 inside scoring, 83 defending, 79 athleticism, 60 playmaking, and 67 rebounding.

The next players all have 85 OVR. Giannis Antetokounmpo from Milwaukee Bucks has 58 outside scoring, 71 inside scoring, 77 defending, 75 athleticism, 75 playmaking, and 78 rebounding. DeMarcus Cousins from the Golden State Warriors is a center player with 72 outside scoring, 85 inside scoring, 71 defending, 76 athleticism, 61 playmaking, 84 rebounding.

Dwayne Wade from Miami Heat has 72 outside scoring, 80 inside scoring, 80 defending, 78 athleticism, 77 playmaking, and 51 rebounding. Ben Simmons from the Philadelphia 76ers has 43 outside scoring, 83 inside scoring, 73 defending, 83 athleticism, 75 playmaking, and 66 rebounding. Donovan Mitchell from Utah Jazz has 79 outside scoring, 73 inside scoring, 74 defending, 87 athleticism, 74 playmaking, and 44 rebounding.

Lonzo Ball from the Los Angeles Lakers has 74 outside scoring, 66 inside scoring, 76 defending, 81 athleticism, 85 playmaking, and 51 rebounding. Kevin Garnett from the Minnesota Timberwolves has 67 outside scoring, 81 inside scoring, 72 defending, 71 athleticism, 54 playmaking, and 74 rebounding. Jayson Tatum from the Boston Celtics has 81 outside scoring, 68 inside scoring, 67 defending, 75 athleticism, 61 playmaking, and 56 rebounding. The highest-rated player so far is Brian Scalabrine with 97 OVR. He has 95 outside scoring, 86 inside scoring, 73 defending, 81 athleticism, 63 playmaking, and 88 rebounding.

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