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2017-03-28 10:32

How to Complete NBA Live Mobile Sets & Claim Rewards

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
Sets are an NBA Live Mobile feature that works a bit like a collectible mini game. A set is a group of items that must be collected in order to complete the set and to earn the associated reward. NBA Live Mobile has multiple types of sets. They can be categorized based on given rewards, requirements, duration and theme. Most sets reward items and currency that can be used in game. Some sets give items that are used to complete other sets. NBA Live Mobile players are advised to check out completion requirements before starting to work on sets. If some of the needed items come from another set, they have to complete that one first. Each set also informs players about the reward they will receive.

When opening the NBA Live Mobile sets section, players will notice a few tabs. The first tab is called “recommended” and it's a suggestion on what sets to complete based on player's level and possessed items. Tab are organized based on the type of content players have to complete to get items needed for sets. There are live events related sets, weekly programs, players, upgrades and limited duration sets. Players that wish to complete timed sets are encouraged to check the available time frame to make sure not to miss out on rewards. In set tab view, players can tap the “?” located at the top right of a set to find out more about it.

Set view offers details about a certain set. Players can see how many items they need to complete it. Pressing the “Claim” button will show set rewards even if the set is not yet completed. If NBA Live Mobile players already have some items that can be added to the current set, these will be shown at the bottom part of the screen. Items that are used for a set will disappear from player's inventory once the set is filled with all items and the claim button is pressed. Players can add and remove items as many times as they wish but once the reward has been claimed the items are consumed. NBA Live Mobile sets rewards list includes all sorts of items including special players. Well, set all these and then you could build your own team with cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins which we offered by us.