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2020-04-07 14:58

NBA 2K Players Tournament Arrived!

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
The current NBA season is on hold but the fun continues in NBA 2K20. The NBA 2K Players Tournament is an event hosted by 2K, NBA, and NBPA. Sixteen NBA players take part in this competition. The rules are single-elimination player-only. Xbox One is the platform of choice. The tournament begins on the 3rd of April and lasts for one week. 
Here are the match-ups:
Kevin Durant plays against Derrich Jones Jr. Montrezl Harrel plays against Domantas Sabonis;
Devin Booker plays against Michael Porter Jr. Donovan Mitchell plays against Rui Hachimura;
Trae Young plays against Harrison Barnes. Zach Levin plays against Deandre Ayton;
Andre Drummond plays against Demarcus Cousins;
Hassan Whiteside plays against Patrick Beverley.

The winner gets to be named the NBA 2K20 champion. You might wonder what's the purpose of this event. It's a way for NBA players to stay in touch with the fans who are playing NBA 2K20 but, most importantly, this is a charitable event. The winner gets to pick a charitable organization that will get $100,000 for coronavirus relief efforts.
The first stage of the event takes place on April 3rd. The next games are played two days later. The quarterfinals will happen on April 7th. The semifinals are finals are played on April 11th. You can watch the games on ESPN2. Don't forget to go on Twitter to interact with the community. The NBA 2K20 Twitter page is active and you will find many fans and fellow players with whom you can share your opinions. The order of the matches is determined by the players' seeding that is based on their in-game rating.
Before the tournament begins, each player gets to choose eight teams that are part of the current NBA. Each team can only be used one time. In the case of a mirror match, the away team gets to choose the team first. The first rounds of this event have single-elimination rules. The semifinals and finals are best out of three. Watching the NBA 2K Players Tournament and playing NBA 2K20 are great ways to pass the time while in quarantine.
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(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)