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2017-04-11 09:59

How to Interact With Other Players in NBA Live Mobile

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
Head to Head mode is the most competitive NBA Live Mobile mode. Players take part in ranked matches, acquire fans and get promoted to superior divisions. Each player is placed in a division based on the number of obtained fans. These are acquired when taking part in matches against other players so they're a reflection of player's skills. Matches are always carried out between members of the same division. Players qualify for a division promotion by achieving the necessary number of fans. Climbing the leaderboards in starting divisions is not hard so even casual players have the chance to get in a higher division without much effort. Competition is brought to another level when engaging in matches against players from the last divisions such as the Legendary division. NBA Live Mobile has an asynchronous match system that allows players to compete even if their opponent is offline. A head to head match is played in four quarters. Each player is in control for two quarters and plays against the enemy lineup controlled by the AI. Head to head games are also a good way to obtain NBA Live Mobile coins.

Friendly matches are unranked friendly competitions between real buddies or other NBA Live Mobile players. Unlike head to head matches, these friendly games are played just for fun but this doesn't mean that players won't get any rewards. NBA Live Mobile has sets that are completed with items won from friendly matches. These items are called friend collectibles and are used in Friend sets.

Leagues are groups of NBA Live Mobile players. This is a clan like feature that allows players to compete against fellow league members and to participate in league tournaments. Every 24 hours a new tournament starts so players have always a chance to take part in one. Special rewards such as league versus league (LvL) items are acquired when competing against enemy leagues.