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2021-08-19 00:00

Cover for NBA 2K22 Japan

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Exclusive, I mean that anyone outside of Japan is unlikely to get this, but you can still see it here! Needless to say, this is the 2K Japanese cover of NBA 2K22! Jump to the Wizards’ outstanding Hachimura landing NBA 2K22 cover exclusive trailer reveals more NBA 2K22 Hachimura is the clear choice for the NBA 2K22 cover.


Wizards' excellent Hachimura landing NBA 2K22 cover

Wizards superstar and current Olympian Rui Hachimura will see him on the cover of NBA 2K22. The only problem is that this particular version is only available in Japan. Much like the North American exclusive cover Candice Parker, this version will only be available in Japan. Hachimura appeared on the cover of the Japanese NBA 2K22 Standard Edition. As you can see, the cover is similar to the American Standard Edition Luka Doncic. I am very happy to see more types of cover athletes in this year's NBA 2K22 version.


If it weren't for NBA 2K22 Leaks on Twitter, we wouldn't have seen this cover for a while. This morning, the cover and the accompanying trailer were released. Although the dialogue is in Japanese, we can still understand what is happening in the NBA 2K22 in the trailer.


Hachimura is the choice for the cover of NBA 2K22

With the representative being brought to NBA 2K22, it is great to see such a diverse cover athlete. It is not surprising to us that Hachimura was selected as the Japanese version of NBA 2K22. He is not only an outstanding figure for the Wizards, but also a great ambassador for basketball all over the world. Most importantly, he is an Olympian representing his native Japan in the Tokyo Olympics. 


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