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2021-09-26 10:16

NBA 2K22 Boston Celtic Prime Basketballers

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With the latest NBA 2K22 game now finally released throughout the globe, let’s take a look at Boston Celtics’ most incredible players in the new game.

Boston Celtics may not have the same glamour and popularity like some other notable NBA teams in the competition, yet the squad still has some outstanding basketball players waiting to be unleashed onto the court too.


As NBA 2K22 enters its first month with strong expectations, some of the basketball players in the Boston Celtic line-up sure have come a long way to where they are right now.


Here are five (5) of the team’s best players at the moment:


(PF/ SF) Jayson Tatum: OVR 90


· Tatum is unmistakeably one of the hottest names in the NBA right now, and he is the team’s main backbone to win matches which can be seen by his impressive stats here:


Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 98

Hands (Inside Scoring): 95

Stamina (Athleticism): 95

Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 90

Close Shot (Outside Scoring): 90


(SF/ SG) Jaylen Brown: OVR 86


· Jaylen Brown is amongst the many potential superstars that everyone is looking forward to seeing on the court, judging by his incredible stats like:


Stamina (Athleticism): 95

Hustle (Athleticism): 95

Offensive Consistency (Outside Scoring): 95

Mid-Range Shot (Outside Scoring): 93

Hands (Inside Scoring): 92


(PG/ SG) Dennis Schroder: OVR 79


· Schroder is an experienced German basketball player who is extremely dependable for the squad due to his ball-playing abilities, while some of his highest stats are:


Stamina (Athleticism): 93

Hustle (Athleticism): 90

Acceleration (Athleticism): 88

Mid-Range Shot (Outside Scoring): 88

Ball Handle (Playmaking): 86


(C) Enes Kanter: OVR 79


· The Turkish international basketball player may not be considered an elite of the game, yet his height and physical demeanour have helped him to become a steadfast player of the team due to his in-game attributes like these:


Shot IQ (Outside Scoring): 98

Hustle (Athleticism): 95

Offensive Rebound (Rebounding): 93

Defensive Rebound (Rebounding): 93

Stamina (Athleticism): 86


(C) Robert Williams: OVR 79


· Williams is a sensational talent who is continuously rising up the ranks in the NBA, although he is still not deemed as a world-class potential yet albeit some amazing stats like:


Block (Defending): 96

Close Shot (Outside Scoring): 93

Offensive Rebound (Rebounding): 91

Standing Dunk (Inside Scoring): 90

Defensive Rebound (Rebounding): 87


The Boston Celtics may not be winning honours for having such fine individuals playing for the team, but the squad is still very capable of producing upsets and shocking wins when others least expect it!


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