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2023-05-09 11:35

NBA 23 - Dark Matter 'Titans' Ben Simmons a Badass Card!

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NBA 2K18 & NBA 2k19 & NBA Live Mobile
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NBA 23 welcomes a new ‘Titans’ card pack into its database, the promo transforming selected basketball players – both former and current names – to spectacular MT card versions of themselves.

One such player is Brooklyn Nets’ 2022 recruit, Ben Simmons, whose been catching people’s attention due to his effective defensive work rate and trickery since his time with Philadelphia 76ers previously.

This time around, Simmons is given a godly Dark Matter ‘Titans’ Player Card in the game, which is his most valuable MT card at the moment!

A dependable teammate who covers others while guarding the hoop, his rebounding skills are respectable too, not to mention his intelligence with the ball in his hands.

Here’s a look at ten (10) of his ‘Titans’ card’s most awesome stats:

(PG/ PF) Ben Simmons’ Dark Matter ‘Titans’ Player Card: OVR 99

Driving Layup (Inside Scoring): 98
Driving Dunk (Inside Scoring): 98
Draw Foul (Inside Scoring): 98
Hands (Inside Scoring): 98
Close Shot (Shooting): 98

Speed With Ball (Playmaking): 97
Passing Accuracy (Playmaking): 97
Passing Vision (Playmaking): 97
Passing IQ (Playmaking): 97
Perimeter Defence (Defence): 97

Simmons knows a thing or two about linking up with his colleagues, favouring the following playing styles:

P&R Ball Handler
Guard Post Up

Right now, some of Simmons’ greatest in-game card badges could be of great use to your own MT squad:

o Acrobat (Hall of Fame)
o Bully (Hall of Fame)
o Fast Twitch (Hall of Fame)
o Fearless Finisher (Hall of Fame)
o Limitless Take-Off (Hall of Fame)
o Many more!

o Ankle Breaker (Hall of Fame)
o Clamp Breaker (Hall of Fame)
o Dimer (Hall of Fame)
o Floor General (Hall of Fame)
o Handles For Days (Hall of Fame)
o A plethora others!

o Anchor (Hall of Fame)
o Ankle Braces (Hall of Fame)
o Challenger (Hall of Fame)
o Clamps (Hall of Fame)
o Glove (Hall of Fame)
o Plenty others!

With such incredible talent on show, Simmons would certainly cost a lot of MT Coins to spare for you to recruit him in the game.

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